The hearing center

  1. Our High-Tech centre

    We are making huge investments in the centre, installing cutting-edge technical equipment to make hearing tests more reliable and to fully customise adjustments: video-otoscopy, audiometry for inserts, etc. 

  2. Our equipment

    Our laboratories are equipped with the best examination and adjusting equipment, and fully meet the 1985 state decree for installation, in particular:

    Functional examination : 

    We also have diagnostic equipment for:

    • Impedance metering: this involves studying mobility of the eardrum and looking for an acoustic reflex.




    • Oto-acoustic emissions & short latency auditory potentials: benchmark hearing tests in new-borns and young children. Painless and frequently done while the child is asleep (afternoon nap or under general anaesthetic). These tests are also done when the subject speaks no languages known by the hearing professional.

  3. Our team

    Taïssir CHAM

    Your hearing test will be performed by a State certified Hearing professional, who will recommend the ideal device for your needs based on the test. He will take the mould needed to manufacture your bespoke earpiece and will make himself available for your queries throughout the life of your hearing aids.

  4. 100% maintenance

    Throughout the life of your hearing aid and across all our models, we will perform the required maintenance: cleaning front & rear microphones, checking the acoustic filter and battery contacts, changing tubes, dehumidifying devices under a vacuum, etc.

  5. Our guarantees

    All our hearing aids are guaranteed for 2 years. To find out more, make an appointment with our hearing centre by clicking here.

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