The centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm, by appointment only.

Opening hours are flexible to suit the availability of all our patients. Located in the town centre, our center is easy to find.

Our address:
39, Rue Félix Faure
Dakar, Senegal


Taïssir Cham is a qualified Audiologist and as such is able to offer hearing solutions to suit your needs; he is also qualified to perform all functional hearing examinations on prescription from an ENT specialist.

Hearing-impaired himself, he is well placed to understand your needs. He also has a wealth of professional experience in aural rehabilitation, with all the necessary skills to successfully correct your hearing.

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Our services

Hearing aid sales

We offer a wide range of hearing aids to meet your hearing needs and your budget.

Maintenance of your hearing aids

We are able to carry out maintenance of your hearing aids, including cleaning and changing parts such as: receivers, receiver filters, microphone filters, changing tubes for BTE devices, small repairs to the shell using UV-curing as long as the damage is not too extensive.

Functional hearing examinations of auditory pathways

Your hearing professional will conduct a full Hearing Test free of charge. You will benefit from the expertise of the hearing professional at the Hearing Aid Centre, as well as the advice, choice and know-how on offer.

The hearing test is essential to ensure a personalised and appropriate hearing aid solution.


*Non-medical test

Hearing Test

Perform an initial hearing test using our online hearing test.

Our hearing solutions

We offer a full range of hearing aids to find the hearing solution that suits your budget, lifestyle and hearing requirements.

The Hearing Aid Center distributes Starkey hearing aids as well as Cochlear implant hearing devices.

To find out more about Starkey, go to this page.

To find out more about Cochlear:

In Arabic: www.cochlear.com/me/

In French: www.cochlear.com/fr/

In English: www.cochlear.com/intl/home

The Hearing Aid Center is partnered with Look Optique and performs hearing aid services for this company. Look Optique is the market leader in Senegal, having the services of a qualified audiologist.

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39, Rue Félix Faure
Dakar, Sénégal

Monday 9h30-13h/15h-18h
Tuesday 9h30-13h/15h-18h
Wednesday 9h30-13h/15h-18h
Thursday 9h30-13h/15h-18h
Friday 9h30-13h/15h-18h
By appointment.

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